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There are numerous surfaces that people come in direct contact with their hands doing everyday actions. These surfaces therefore exposed our hands to many germs , namely bacteria and other skin-borne infectious agents . Most of these surfaces never get clean or at least very rarely, even when or if they were cleaned they would become affected again in a short timeframe. This leaves us to find a way to protect our hands from being exposed to these surfaces.

In an 2004 GERM survey, ( see full survey link in Articles) it reports that while most people clean their hands after washroom use, only half 51%  clean there hands after sneezing or coughing into them , only up to 33% clean their hands after Public Transit use and only 17% after shaking someones hand. The most infected areas in Public for  adults are Public Door Handles , Public Transit Support Bars/Poles, Shopping Cart Handles and Shopping Basket Handles.

The FOOSHTM Grips protects your hands from direct contact with infected surfaces while still allowing for the full function and use of the object that is being used.

Our First Patent Pending Products are the FOOSHTM CLEAN HAND GRIP and FOOSHTM Shopping Cart HANDLE GRIP please see the Product Line page for more Information.    


THE FOOSH Clean Grip and THE FOOSH Shopping Cart  Handle Grip  are PATENT PENDING and protected.